antiviral2012 Chicago International Film Festival – Winner After Dark Competition.
2012 Toronto International Film Festival – Winner Best Canadian First Feature Film.
2012 Sitges-Catalonian International Film Festival – Winners Carnet Jove Jury Award, Citizen Kane Award for Best Directorial Revelation.

US release date: April 12

Do you want to buy your favorite celebrity’s illness? As crazy as it may sounds that’s exactly what this movie all about. Everything from common flu to anal infection. You pay, and you can feel your idol’s exact small miseries. The problem in the story comes when a favorite celeb is known to be dead because of an unknown ailment. Will a guy named Syd that has illegaly injected himself with the mysterious virus to sell it to black market buyers, die also?
The problem with the film comes when everybody else in the story treats the supposedly deadly virus very lightly. Where’s the thrill in this supposedly sci-fi horror when we see Syd pukes blood but nobody around him is even care to grab a single proper medical face mask?

My Rating: 3/10


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