Into the White

Into-the-WhiteUS release date: April 12

In this based on a true story movie, three Luftwaffe airmen spend some quality time together with two RAF flyboys in a small one room wooden cabin in the middle of frozen Norwegian wilderness. The British, who were coming mere minutes late to the cabin, were cordially invited in by the Germans. And after a brief debate about bunk arrangements, the nagging but surprisingly unarmed British were quickly lost their footing in the argument when they saw Lugers aimed at their faces.
It’s a perfect setting for comedy, but the filmmakers aren’t digging too much in that direction. Instead they choose a safe straight-line dramatic adaptation where the two sides share personal perspectives, concede private matters, private dreams, have to cooperate for survival, and quite predictably, few nights later, finally gain mutual trusts.

My Rating: 6/10


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