It’s a Disaster

its-a-disaster2012 Bend Film Festival – Winner Jury Prize Best Screenplay.
2012 Edmonton International Film Festival – Winner Audience Choice Best Feature.
2012 New Orleans Film Festival – Winner Audience Award Best Feature.

US release date: April 12

Four BFFs, and much later the fifth one arrives in quite bad condition, are having their month in month out brunch with their weird spouses. This time around the new awkward teacher boyfriend is the latest addition to the group, just barely in their third not so romantic date. But disaster is right around the corner in the form of relationship problems and a very distressing rumor about some dirty-bomb explosion near the neighborhood. Yet the strangest thing in this plotline is, while facing this apocalyptic situation, knowing the supposed “bio-weapon” is going to kill them anyway, no one is even trying to make a mad dash to the car parked in front of the house and actually look for help, or leave the town, for the sake of trying. It would be a lot funnier than mucking around and singing ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

My Rating: 5/10


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