In the House

dans-la-maison2013 Sant Jordi Awards – Winner Best Foreign Film.
2012 San Sebastian International Film Festival – Winners Golden Seashell, Best Screenplay.
2012 Toronto International Film Festival – Winner International Critics’ Award Special Presentations.

US release date: April 19

Teaching can be very boring, so naturally a teacher needs something to keep the fire burning. And what can possibly be more interesting for a literary teacher than a good engaging story, written by a student? Furthermore, it’s not an ordinary story. It’s a supposedly true account of the student’s visits at his classmate’s home, that getting increasingly voyeuristic and creepy, and increasingly interesting. And the teacher just can’t have enough of it! The teacher, and his art gallery-owner wife, need to read more, and more. After all, it’s just a raunchy, but good written, ‘based on a true story’ teenager’s imagination. It’s just metafiction. Or, is it? A suivre….

My Rating: 8/10


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