Iron Man 3

ironman3US release date: May 3

We must give at least a full thumb-up to Shane Black for doing the best he can against the massive challenge to strung a coherent, hopefully better, or at least ‘cooler’, post-Avengers Iron Man movie.
Black tries to do it by giving us a more complex storyline, more (almost) chaotic–and as Pepper Potts succinctly says herself: violent–action scenes. But in this virtually unwinnable situation Black somehow forgets the very central theme he wrote himself for this film: Tony Stark is Iron Man. The Iron Man suits are not. No matter how much Iron Man suits Black throws on-screen, there will be no multiple ‘wow’ factor. The ‘wow’ is always remain one: Downey’s Stark. The Mark 42 armor might be a very handy plot device, but it is also more goofy than cool.
It’s the third sequel and naturally everybody also wants bigger, better, villains. So out of the enormous Marvel’s super villains catalogue, Black chose Warren Ellis’s ‘Extremis’ plot, and turned Aldrich Killian into a blonde-haired superbaddie that after a while somehow strangely will remind us of Superman IV‘s Nuclear Man. Maybe it’s the blonde hair, or maybe Guy Pearce here somehow does look a bit like Mark Pillow, but ‘Nuclear Man’ is definitely never cool. Certainly not better than Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo, definitely not bigger than Iron Monger.
Is Iron Man 3 the ‘Superman IV’ of the Iron Man franchise? The closing, not necessarily better, chapter? Maybe. But overall, it’s a real nice try. Black gives a good fierce fight where it’s an almost instant fail for other filmmakers. Well, where are Nick Fury and Black Widow when we need them the most? Better luck next time with the Captain America and Thor sequels!

My Rating: 6/10


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