Augustine2012 Mar del Plata Film Festival – Winner Best Actress.

US release date: May 17

What’s wrong with Augustine? Is it epilepsy? Or something even worst?
But, wait. She’s grabbing… her crotch? Are people in epileptic seizures usually do something like that? It certainly is puzzling. Whatever it is, it must be nerve related, mentally related, or brain related. Or is it?
They put her in a mental hospital and her very unusual condition quickly draws the attention of Doctor Jean-Martin Charcot, a cold, dedicated, legendary neurologist who took his profession very seriously and emotionally neglecting his beautiful wife. Of course, this is 19th century France. The medical examinations and procedures are crude, inhuman from our modern perspective, and very, very, creepy. Is it real illness? Or, does she fake it?
The story–also based on real historical figures (but not necessarily a ‘true’ story)–is similar, but fortunately, much better than Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method. Also worth noted, the movie is scored by the legendary Jocelyn Pook.

My Rating: 7/10


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