Shadow Dancer

shadow_dancer2013 Irish Film and Television Awards – Winner Best Supporting Actress Film.
2013 London Critics Circle Film Awards – Winner British Actress of the Year.
2013 Evening Standard British Film Awards – Winner Best Actress.
2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival – Winner Best Performance in a British Feature Film.
2012 Dinard British Film Festival – Winner Audience Award.
2012 British Independent Film Award – Winner Best Actress.

US release date: May 31

How could somebody work for people who were responsible for the death of a brother? For Collette McVeigh there’s no choice, because she was also responsible of it too. She has no choice, because those people are also her brothers. And when MI5 (also) force her to cooperate, to betray her own family, again, she really can’t say no. Because this time she has a son to be responsible of. And when she does agree to cooperate, she, again, will be responsible for the death of more people that she cares about. There’s really no escape.

My Rating: 6/10


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