American Mary

american_maryUS release date: May 31

Mary Mason is a very much broke surgeon school student desperate to make some quick money. While working on a strip club seems like a very obvious option, Mary turned out to be so much luckier. Before she has to shed more clothing items she founds herself hired on the spot to treat a badly injured man; easy med school stuff. Then she quickly builds up her resume without much effort as soon as the next morning when a crazy client offers her even more money to perform more crazy amateur surgeries. Well, can’t say no to money when you need it. Basically, it’s just cutting and slicing meats, right? Mary’s life could be so much brighter from then on, if only she could stop herself from mingling too much and partying too hard with those creepy old surgeons.
The movie could also stop here with a clichéd but quite valid moral lesson, but instead nose-dives into PG13-ish freak show and outside the frame torture scenes when Mary finally quits her doctorate dream and establishes a private practice plus a torture chamber with the help of those very same strip club crew where she almost had a career start earlier.

My Rating: 4/10


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