syrupUS release date: June 7

Everything is marketing, and this movie tries to teach us to market everything. Anything. A guy who renamed himself  ‘Scat’, after music, not excrement, thus a bad example of personal rebranding, tries to pitch a brand idea to a sexy blond product manager named ‘Six’–that sounds like ‘sex’, and according to the script is a perfect example of self branding. And the great energy drink brand idea is ‘Fukk’, that sounds like you know what. Surely anybody could think of that, right? Simple but brilliant idea, and that’s supposed to be a good marketing example. But, oh no, Scat ultimately forgets to register the trade mark! A great big no-no! Are we learning a lot about marketing and branding from ‘Scat’ and ‘Six’ up to this point or what?

My Rating: 4/10


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