The Guillotines

guillotinesUS release date: June 14

A martial-art and war movie where you can no longer see people fight on-screen clearly without being cluttered by computer animated objects and weapons, and huge Michael Bay-scale explosions.
An Imperial black-ops squad, personally handpicked by the Qing Emperor, the late Qing Emperor to be precise, six men and one woman trained since childhood, armed with impossibly high-tech mechanical weapons: the flying guillotines, are assigned to hunt and capture a Han rebel leader. They acquired their target in the beginning of the movie only to lose him again the next day when the elusive, charismatic, and prophetic rebel leader, Wolf, escaped right before public execution, along with Musen the female Guillotine member as his prisoner.
The young special soldiers are losing their specialties bit by bit quite fast when they once again chase Wolf. They torture witnesses, raid and torch peasant’s huts, they weep uncontrollably when their friends die in the mission. And finally, they learn the other side of the story. The real big “truth.” Of course, the repressed and impoverished Han rebels are turned out to be the good guys. And once again, the Guillotines squad cry like babies.
Clearly the Empire didn’t train and brainwash them that good after all.

My Rating: 3/10


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