A Hijacking

kapringen2013 Bodil Awards- Winner Best Film.
2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival – Winner Directors to Watch.
2013 Robert Festival – Winners, Best Film, Best Actor, Best Editor, Best Sound, Best Screenplay.
2012 Thessaloniki Film Festival – Winners, FIPRESCI Prize International Competition, Golden Alexander.

US release date: June 14

A cook on a Danish cargo ship en-route to Mumbai hijacked by Somalian pirates; but the real drama doesn’t start in the middle of the sea. It begins at the cargo company’s main office in Copenhagen. The company’s CEO is the main action hero without a gun, and he’s going to free his own men hopefully without a single bullet fired. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the pirates are in for the business too, with some AK47s. So it’s just another basic business negotiation for both parties, but of course not for the cook and his fellow crews–Very hard to retain some sense of optimism when machine guns are constantly pointed at the back of your neck.
It’s a gripping story that doesn’t forget to humanize everybody: the cook, the crews, the CEO, the company, and also, the pirates.

My Rating: 8/10


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