GERMAN CINEMA 2013: Der Ganz Grosse Traum

der-ganz2011 New Faces Awards – Winner Best New Actor.

Konrad Koch was a German, but he was also an Oxford-educated brand new English teacher in an ultra strict Imperial boys’ school in Braunschweig. And guess what he brought back into the sterile 19th century Deutschland society?
The importance of ‘th’ sound pronunciation, camaraderie, disobedience, and yes, football. That’s right, German never knew soccer before his not-so-warm homecoming. And among all of his bratty snobbish pupils, guess who was turned out to be the best at football? Yes of course, the bullied, tiny, skinny, “proletarian” kid, son of a poor factory worker (pretty) widow. Soon he began to teach the boys more–much more–fussball than English–to the outrage of his fellow school faculty and the wrath of his pupil’s flabbergasted parents.
So if you can stand the cheesy dramas, constant socio-ideological preaching, bilingual ‘Auld Lang Syne’, two versions of ‘God Save the Queen’, all the story clichés and sugar-coated über manschaft camaraderie, you will find a quite entertaining movie.

My Rating: 5/10


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