Laurence Anyways

211TRN8-0US release date: June 28

After a cool MTV-ish opening the movie jumps 10 years back to 1989 to meet the protagonists: Laurence Emmanuel James Alia, a firecracker literature teacher who spouts almost nonstop cultural bullshit, mostly in two-way monologues with his commercial ad director–partially neon red dyed haired and equally loudmouthed–girlfriend, Frederique Belair, between cocktails and french-kisses.
The movie is a gorgeous-looking 80’s music video styled 2 hours 45 minute long over-dramatic love story with brilliant soundtracks, but Laurence and the Madonna/Cyndi Lauper-esque Fred themselves are never really that interesting as the main subjects; even after Laurence confines that he no longer wanted to be a man, then decides to wear skirts, be a Boy George-like tranny, and put on some makeup.

My Rating: 5/10


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