vhs2US release date: July 12

Found footage horror genre bores you to death? Pseudo first person’s perspective and shaky handheld cameras make you sick? VHS 2 starts off by giving us an alternative for it in its first VHS tape: a guy with an eye chip implant so we can see what he sees directly (with CG eye blinks added of course, for some sense of realism), no “cameras” included. Sounds interesting?
The second tape: a guy with a helmet cam and an unseen cam in his bike. What the hell is he doing riding a bike with a helmet cam? Don’t ask. Third tape, from Indonesia: an investigative news crew with all their audio-video equipments, and some button-hole mini spy cameras, snooping into a weird cult leader’s household. But the cult leader has his own CCTV cameras too, for our viewing pleasure of course. Fourth tape: a chaotic parents-free weekend slumber party at a big lake house recorded with a dog cam–meaning a camera attached on the back of a pet dog. The picture quality? Headache inducing and bordering unwatchable.
Is this, well, silly? But at least found-footage genre means clever scene staging and clever editing to make it appears like “normal” amateur video. And we also have to appreciate all the troubles these creative moviemakers must have been gone through (imagine making, and later cleaning, all those fake blood) in order–at least trying–to scare us.

My Rating: 4/10


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