evidenceUS release date: July 19

Amped up with a clever-looking bullet time opening scene, we follow some Police CSI team investigate evidence videos collected from a grisly and bizarre crime scene involving some ill-fated old-looking teenagers. It’s a found-footage movie, but this time we see and try to figure it out together with the cops.
Maybe somewhere along the way after The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity some Hollywood filmmakers must have thought that “more realistic-looking” horror movie is “scarier”, while most of the times it’s just the complete opposite because the movie camera–masquerading as a personal video cam–is always forced to see everything real personal videos normally couldn’t properly record. And if one camera isn’t enough to achieve this they will use multiple cameras, inexplicably positioned at the best angle and at the best moments.
True this movie is quite unique because it even actually goes as far as using the footage quality “mystery” as a doesn’t quite make sense plot twist, but the after effect for us is still the same: what’s the use of a thriller that doesn’t thrill and a horror that is not scary?

My Rating: 3/10


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