Only God Forgives

only god2013 Sydney Film Festival – Winner Best Film.

US release date: July 19

Red, red, and red, everywhere. Bangkok is definitely a nightmarish neon-lit hell, well, at least at night. It’s like a very silent Quentin Tarantino meets Gaspar Noé, with a heavy touch of David Lynch, combined with kickboxing; and Winding Refn even actually dedicates this movie to Alejandro Jodorowsky. With that kind of combination, you know this is going to be bizarre. But after ten or fifteen minutes into the movie you might realize that Gosling doesn’t quite fit the role of  ‘Julian’. The movie needs a much stronger presence in his shoes just to strike some sense of balance with the monolithic, like a crossbred of a ninja and a Terminator robot (yes, seriously), Thai police chief character–not to mention that the chief also has a nice (most probably overdubbed) singing voice.
Cannes boo-birds hated this movie? Of course, they’ve also hated Wild at Heart. Both movies have overt violence, crazy plots, crazy mothers, and weird characters acting very weird and inhuman. But Only God Forgives is also a bit better at creeping under your skin with its slow-paced droning camera takes and sweeps you under the spell, or at making you half-dead bored and loathe it.

My Rating: 8/10


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