Drug War

drug warUS release date: July 26

The action starts one morning at Jinhai highway toll gate where an eagle-eye pretty undercover cop, the ice cool and very dedicated Captain Zhang, and their anti-drug squad bust a few drug couriers carrying drugs inside their bellies. Tracking the rest of the drug cartel, they conveniently nab one of the cartel’s main man at a hospital, injured in a car crash after escaping his exploded drug lab. Timmy Choi, the very lightly injured sign-language able–and turned out to be quite good at acting–drug maker (played by Louis Koo) suddenly and so easily switches side and decides to help Captain Zhang infiltrating the secretive but very compartemented narcotic organization. One guy doesn’t really know the other guy in the business, except Timmy Choi who seems to know everyone. So Captain Zhang can, again, very easily, slips in.
As usual, Johnnie To wants to deliver a fast-paced action movie, but it will be even better if he also provides a better story logic. Of course it’s very thrilling to see uptempo non-stop crime thriller with John Woo-style brutal gun battle climax, but it’s also truly quite impossible for any cop anywhere in the world to track down so many drug dealers and uncover one whole drug organization, including the big bosses, in just a few days’ time.

My Rating: 6/10


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