Europa Report

europa_reportUS release date: August 2

Can they land on the surface of what essentially is a gigantic frozen sea safely–just dropping in moon landing style at 60 kilometer per second velocity–without breaking the, even if it were super thick, ice, and risking the entire crew members on the landing module? They launch one probe under the ice, lost the probe, then risk another crew member in a very dangerous E.V.A. just to collect some ice samples that should be done quite simply with a remote-controlled robotic vehicle, or maybe a spare probe? Can’t travel some 700 million kilometers from home with just one irreplaceable probe.
Yes it’s another space mission goes awry story, complete with another obligatory self-sacrificing overboard astronauts drifting to his/her death scene. But bad space mission technicalities aside, it’s a movie with good editing and cinematographic strategy–of course, with some annoying faux digital glitches added, specifically designed to not showing us much, creating some sense of claustrophobia while at the same time cleverly masking its modest visual effects.

My Rating; 5/10


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