The Patience Stone

syngue2012 Gijón International Film Festival – Winner Best Actress.

US release date: August 14

In an Afghanistan-like country, a nameless pretty wife single-handedly nurses her much older fully paralyzed ex-war-hero husband, with two little daughters in tow, deserted by the husband’s family members who all fled their town due to the virtually never-ending war. On this kind of setting, where the husband can’t say a single word, the movie quickly becomes a monologue driven usual critique against male-centric misogynistic culture, overbearing mother-in-law, overbearing clerics, and also a back-and-forth pondering on women’s own free will against women’s “responsibilities.” “Desires” versus “religion.” “Whores” versus “virgins.” Women’s own centuries old never-ending war. And under the backdrop of war, women, including the wife, must also suffer any woman’s worst acceptable fate: being raped, or ended up selling her body.
Of course, the filmmaker, who’s also the source novel’s writer, must already know–even as a man–that this is exactly the kind of war that no women are ever going to win. Talking to a paralyzed man who doesn’t talk back–or as this story literally suggests: talking to a stone–certainly would never change anything for any woman. Is the pretty wife finally free? Of course not.

My Rating: 4/10


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