ThereseUS release date: August 23

Rich people only marry other rich people to retain their enormous family fortunes, not for love? Maybe. But surely not all of them? That exactly what is bothering Thérèse, when her childhood best friend Anne, her new sister-in-law, falls so happily in love with a man.  Not exactly a poor man, but a Jewish man–a Jewish man with tuberculosis–which her family, Thérèse’s own new family, profusely objected. What about desires, pleasures, and freedom? Every woman, including daughters of rich families, also deserve to experience at least some of it, right?
Audrey Tautou is certainly not at her best in portraying a complex woman who suppresses her emotions, and might appear ice cool on the outside but tortured inside. Director Claude Miller might have wanted a much deeper character interpretation rather than merely rehashing Emmanuelle Riva’s troubled girl persona in the classic 1962 movie, but Tautou’s version of Thérèse just mostly appears wooden, with many stiffly delivered dialogues.

My Rating: 6/10


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