The Lifeguard

lifeguardUS release date: August 30

It is neat if you can run away from your life every time it goes sour, run back to your mom and dad, to your old friends, and to your old job. Luckily, Leigh London’s old job as a local swimming pool lifeguard in her small boring hometown is somehow vacant; and her old friends are suddenly decided to procure marijuana from some soon-to-be-dropping-out-from-highschool boys (Yes, they’re thirty years old and don’t have their own weed dealer). Out of nowhere, they also started hanging out with those kids, and then, maybe this is the only thing in the movie that make some weird kind of sense, Leigh falls in love and shags one of them.
Writer-director Liz Garcia wanted to create some kind of a reverse coming-of-age story, where ‘old’ Leigh, coming back from a deflated big city dream and big city love, coming back from the future, finally pops her ‘cherry of life’ with a sixteen years ‘young’ high schooler, in her small hometown. It might sounds like a worth pondering and poetic concept, but the real fact is: love always need reasons. Romeo loves Juliet because she’s beautiful. Humbert Humbert loves Lolita because, well, because he’s a pervert. Leigh and Jason? The old kids and the young kids are never have any real connections or any real reason to be together in the first place. Love story without reasons is a love story that is neither romantic, sexy, nor inspiring. In the end of the movie–when Leigh looks into the camera, to us–we will realize that she probably has screwed up everything for almost nothing. Of course we can’t run away from our lives. We can’t turn back time. We just have to move on. And we already know all that without screwing up like Leigh London.

My Rating: 5/10


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