I Declare War

IDW2012 Austin Fantastic Fest – Winner Audience Award Best Film.

US release date: August 30

Boys and wargames are inseparable. But aren’t kids supposed to be not playing outside much anymore nowadays? And, hey, there’s a girl in this game. Fifteen minutes into the movie the ‘enemy’ team is already in mutiny, and the protagonist’s team member persuades another team mate to eat dog crap for fifty dollars cash. The boys constantly talk about video games, internet, and computers, but spend a whole afternoon in the woods, sweating like pigs, torturing each other. And the girl, of course she ends up daydreaming. Romantic daydreams. Paris. Ugh.  And those girl-mindgames thing, it’s basically cheating, right? Internet and video games are way much better for these kids!

My Rating: 7/10


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