Touchy Feely

touchyUS release date: September 6

An all over the place but doesn’t particularly going anywhere mumblecore comedy drama about Paul, a meek and socially inept dentist, his daughter Jenny, and his younger sister Abby. Abby is a masseuse who suddenly developed a strange unexplainable  disgust of touch. Jenny, her own dad’s assistant at their small dental clinic, is, well, helping her dad in the small dental clinic. While Abby senses herself distancing from the world around her, from her boyfriend’s world, Paul starts learning–awkwardly–to cut the distances with his own world, with his daughter’s world, while Jenny learns to discover the big world outside her dad’s clinic.
It’s so easy to dismiss this movie as a story about some puzzling feelings with lazy (and not funny) storytelling, but do ask yourself this: how does someone portray the near abstract concept of “touch”, “losing touch”, and “back in touch” in a movie? This isn’t a perfect attempt. It’s a road less traveled, a one way road, but it is definitely not a dead-end. Plus, you might enjoy those lovely Tomo Nakayama’s songs.

My Rating: 7/10


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