The Colony

colonyUS release date: September 20

Anyone expecting bad post-apocalypse sci-fi action thriller with cheap horrible CGI, prepare to be disappointed, because the movie’s CG visuals are very decent as the filmmakers done a good job covering their apparent modest special effect budget. Originality? Well, you can have even far less originality in your favorite box-office Hollywood blockbusters these days.
Global civilization has been reduced to a few small underground colonies, surviving a frozen earth, and racing against deadly flu outbreak. With limited rations and limited everything, it’s a race they probably won’t going to win. Colony 7’s leader, played by Laurence Fishburne, took his two young colony members in a short hiking trip through the blizzard in response to an SOS signal coming from the nearby Colony 5. At the colony’s entrance they find traces of blood. Inside, more blood. What is happening there?

My Rating: 6/10


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