The Secret Lives of Dorks

secret-lives-dorks-poster-exclUS release date: September 27

Standard dork story told in standard dork way. Cast Jim Belushi as the dork’s gym coach and football-maniac widower dad. Cast Jen Tilly as the dork’s old maid multi-subjects teacher who got hots for the dork’s dad. Place a standard hot blonde cheerleader as the dork’s love interest. Place a standard not hot girl-dork as his potential, and of course standardly more suitable, love interest. Then cast William Katt and Kay Lenz as the girl-dork’s parents.
The only two things kind of non-standard in this movie are: 1. The cheerleader is actually helping the dork to woo the girl-dork–who of course, just like in every standard dork story, turned out to be very nice when she wears nice dresses and make-up. 2. The dork has no secret life. The jock does.

My Rating: 4/10


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