Moby: ‘Innocents’

innocents-cover-webRelease date: October 1

01. Everything That Rises
02. A Case For Shame (feat. Cold Specks)
03. Almost Home (feat. Damien Jurado)
04. Going Wrong
05. The Perfect Life (feat. Wayne Coyne)
06. The Last Day (feat. Skylar Grey)
07. Don’t Love Me (feat. Inyang Bassey)
08. A Long Time
09. Saints
10. Tell Me (feat. Cold Specks)
11. The Lonely Night (feat. Mark Lanegan)
12. The Dogs

My favorite tune: Tell Me

Moby keeps replaying similar chord progressions, similar piano and string synth sound, similar bluesy and soulish female vocals, in all his albums including this new one, but they just never lose their charms when Moby is able to find the right groove. Two years ago he almost failed to nail it in Destroyed, but this time it’s another story. Innocents do have thicker souls, with the exception of “The Perfect Life” that somehow lacked sparks, naturally indebted to the precious help of those interstellar collaborators–Skylar Grey, Inyang Bassey, Al Spx of Cold Specks, great vocals!–which of course also means much, much, less Moby’s “boring” voice. One trick pony, or the be exact, few tricks Moby? Of course. Sometimes he doesn’t do the tricks very good, other times it is very good.  Just don’t sing too much, Moby, that seems to work so much better.

My Rating: 7/10


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