Korn: ‘The Paradigm Shift’

Korn-The-Paradigm-ShiftRelease date: October 8

01. Prey For Me
02. Love & Meth
03. What We Do
04. Spike in My Veins
05. Mass Hysteria
06. Paranoid and Aroused
07. Never Never
08. Punishment Time
09. Lullaby for a Sadist
10. Victimized
11. It’s All Wrong

My favorite tune: Mass Hysteria

On their previous album, as much as we might hate to admit, Korn was literally saved by dubstep. What will happen this time in the new album with Brian Welch’s comeback? Obviously, the return to their almost-original line up means back to Korn’s classic sound concept. After an uptempo but a bit monochromatic start in ‘Prey for Me’ and ‘Love & Meth’, then shifting to higher gear on ‘What We Do’, Paradigm… finally warms up on ‘Mass Hysteria’. But then quickly loses traction on ‘Paranoid and Aroused’ and the dubstep-flavored first single ‘Never Never’. With the rest of the songs fleetingly sound alike, Korn needs much better tempo and beat variations. So maybe, what Paradigm… ultimately still lacking of, besides maybe another nudge from Skrillex, is… the return of David Silveria.

My Rating: 5/10


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