Shield of Straw

Straw_Shield-posterA kid is brutally murdered and seven years later the dead girl’s ailing mega-rich grandpa put a full-page newspaper photo ad and post a video message on the web, placing a one billion Yen cash bounty to hunt and kill the killer. With no more place to hide, the murderer turned himself in to a small police station, theoretically the only safe place in Japan for him where nobody wants his blood. Or is it? Now a small team of police officers must safely extract and transport the murder to face a fair trial in Tokyo. Not exactly the easiest job in the world since someone has planted a secret GPS transmitter somewhere, tracking their every movements.
Should be a good premise for a gripping thriller, but too bad the script is suddenly giving up to maintain suspense, then wanders too much into overlong dull moral debates, soupy melodramas, and shallow meaningless deaths.

My Rating: 4/10


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