Camille Claudel 1915

camilleUS release date: October 16

Camille Claudel, sculptor, Paul Claudel’s older sister, and ex-mistress of Rodin, was diagnosed mentally ill and sent to a female mental asylum near Avignon against her will. This movie recounts her days at what she called ‘horrible place.’ Good cinematography, simple story with not too much dialogues–as Mademoiselle Claudel often silently observes her bizarre fellow mental patients, trying hard to subdue her paranoid troubled mind with prayers and rekindle her dying hopes of freedom with futile letters, and, as you might have expected, another Juliette Binoche tour-de-force after Kiarostami’s imperfect but superbly acted Certified Copy.
Too bad the movie deviates a few times to Paul’s perspective. While it explains some aspects of the reality of his relationship to Camille, it also gives a bit too much unnecessary, and fairly uninteresting, information about him. And Jean-Luc Vincent’s acting as Paul is also frankly quite disappointing.

My Rating: 6/10


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