paradise-posterUS release date: October 18

Lamb Mannerheim is a plane crash survivor who suffers burn injuries, and quite angry about it.
Before the accident she was a big-haired rich ultra conservative small town beautiful God-loving girl, with beautiful God-praising singing voice, and beautiful skin. After the accident, she doesn’t believe in God anymore. She decided to go to Vegas, to gamble, and listening to dance music. She is ready to get nasty.
Too bad, she’s landed on a wrong strip bar, must be the worst bar of all time in entire Vegas, with Russell Brand as a rambling British bartender and Octavia Spencer as a lacked-of-soul soul singer. And then, instead of start drinking and maybe start debauching, she ends up sharing her personal story to the soul singer. Another incorrect move, because after that the singer somehow decides to give Lamb a personal PG rated night tour and bring her to another–much safer–bar. The good-hearted but not so funny bartender also tags along. And then the three of them moving on to some PG-13 activities: shorter skirt, shorter hair, brighter lipstick, eye-liner, smoking cigars, adult magazine. Riding flying fox. Yes. Flying fox.
Lamb is right. That’s no fun. So Lamb decides to go solo to an R-rated club. Drinking, but later ends up sharing her life story again. This time to a prostitute. Poor, poor, Lamb. Her adventure is somehow just never really started. And you’ll never believe this really is a Diablo Cody movie.

My Rating: 4/10


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