Chinese ZodiacUS release date: October 18

So it’s the “spiritual” sequel of Armour of God and Operation Condor. “Condor”, or JC, is not an obsolete Indiana Jones-y treasure hunter anymore, he’s now a hip Ethan Hunt-style professional treasure robber, complete with high-tech stuff and his own team of sidekicks. Online fake artifact 3D printer and all, the absurd gadgetries are just over the top and too convenient to the extent they sometimes become annoying. The stunts are CG enhanced and a few are performed by stunt doubles.
It’s a silly fun–and so many times trying so hard to be funny, and fails–globe-trotting multilingual and multinational action adventure that later also tries to emulate Pirates of the Caribbean (mostly in the music score department), complete with a very long lecture and thorough preach about sins of art forgery, general morality, and the virtue of national treasure repatriation. But at least the third act of the movie gets it better: giant secret lair, and kung fu fighting around and about furniture pieces using mundane props against numerous bouncers and martial art savvy westerner; in this case, French-Morrocan. And it’s all classic Jackie Chan hurting himself for your entertainment. If only Rosamund Kwan, or at least DoDo Cheng, comes back for a cameo. Sigh.

My Rating: 6/10


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