LecapitalUS release date: October 25

French multinational Phenix Bank’s CEO Jack Marmande has a metastatic testicle cancer, so he appoints Marc Tourneuil as his immediate replacement. But the shareholders have different opinions, board of directors also have different ideas, and the Americans are ready to take over. Marc’s parents in law are overjoyed. Marc’s son is indifferent. Marc’s wife? She didn’t marry Marc for money. But nevertheless, here they are. Now Marc is officially on battle mode. Enemies are everywhere. Everyone wants him to fail. Or at least that’s how he perceive his new status and situation. He is ready to swing some axes. And the beautiful girls. Those sweet, sweet, distractions. He is ready for some of those too. Is he going to win it all, including the girls–at least that gorgeous supermodel, or end up behind bars?
Fictional (and many times parodic) banker Marc and his fictitious bank is another cinematic standard, although arguably quite realistic, black and white model of our bankers and international banking community; or at least, this is how we always choose to perceive them to be. Once again when the end credits roll, we can shake our heads and convince ourselves, “Yes. Banks are evil and nothing we can do about it”–although we know that the notion is also not entirely true.

My Rating: 7/10


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