2014 Oscar Foreign Language Films: Jagten (The Hunt)

the hunt2013 Zulu Awards – Winner Best Actor.
2012 Cannes Film Festival – Winners, Best Actor, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Vulcain Prize for the Technical Artist.
2012 European Film Awards – Winner Best Screenwriter.
2012 British Independent Film Awards – Winner Best International Independent Film.
2012 Ghent International Film Awards – Winner Audience Award Best Film.
2012 Vancouver International Film Festival – Winner Roger’s People’s Choice Award.

It’s the boys club and the girls club. Sweet, confused, noisy girls with their mind games. Noisy, equally confused, boys with their brawls. Maybe it has been like that since the beginning of time.
The movie is called The Hunt but it’s not an action movie. It’s a very intelligent drama that brushes on with complicated subjects such as bitter divorce, sexual harassment, and very troublesome misunderstandings. One slip of the tongue, a single unintentionally wrong gesture, and it destroys all its tragic victims. Friends. Best friends. Families. Not only children, adults too. Everybody. Everything.

My Rating: 9/10


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