2014 Oscar Foreign Language Films: More Than Honey

morethanhoney2013 Bavarian Film Awards – Winner Best Documentary.
2013 German Film Awards – Winner Best Documentary.
2013 Guild of German Art House Cinemas – Winner Best Documentary.
2013 Romy Gala Austria – Winners, Best Documentary, Best Producer Documentary.
2013 Swiss Film Prize – Winners, Best Documentary, Best Music.
2013 Viennale – Winner Best Sound Design.

Bees are creepy, fascinating, and so clever. In this documentary, we can see very clearly how creepy, fascinating and clever they really are in crisp and detailed cinematography. But of course, we human are far more clever. We manipulate them. Deceive them. We sell off their honey. Sell off their queens. Sell off their colonies to pollinate crops. And exterminate them when we don’t need them anymore. Of course, to make money. To make a lot of money.
But don’t worry, life is fair. When we commoditize and industrialize bees, we also spread and multiply their diseases and parasites. The bees are dying. And without pollination by bees, yes, there won’t be any crops. So, yes, we have to pollinate the trees ourselves. Flower by flower. Yes. Who’s so clever now?

My Rating: 7/10


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