The Broken Circle Breakdown

thebrokencirclebreakdowUS release date: November 1

The love story between a Belgian bluegrass musician, yes Europe-Belgium, yes American bluegrass-country music, and the girl with many tattoos, Didier and Elise, presented in colorful but gritty non-chronological order akin to Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine. Ranch, pickup truck, caravan, horses, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, banjo and all, they sing so well in perfect Yankee-English for a moment you’ll forget this isn’t Nashville. Seven years after their steamy first night together, their only daughter Maybelle is diagnosed with cancer and undergoes her chemotherapy. Grueling for the kid, grueling for her parents. The next step is stem cell transplantation, and then it’s all downhill for Didier and Elise from there. Obviously everybody hates W. Bush, including this particular country music loving Belgian.
A well-acted drama, melancholic without pushing too hard (or maybe, ineffectively trying) to spill tears , but at times also a bit naive in portraying its main characters’ personal grief. And by the way, is Mega Mindy, Maybelle’s favorite TV show, a real TV show? Well, apparently, yes.

My Rating: 6/10


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