Skinwalker Ranch

skinwalker-ranch00US release date: 30 October

Another “based on real events” faux documentary-found footage style sci-fi, and/or paranormal, mystery movie, this time about some strange occurrences in the infamous Utah countryside area, involving cattle–bats, and pet–killing and missing kids. As usual, a team of “experts”, with obligatory pretty-girl-type team member to, well, basically, look pretty (plus screaming and crying when things went hairy), nerd-type team members to spout technobabbles, and explain plot points, and jackass-type characters to throw obscene curses and mess up things, conducting “scientific” investigation, set up a lot of sensors, microphones, and cameras on various angles, indoor and outdoor, for our maximal viewing pleasure, and pick up spooky noises. Of course, shaky handheld cam is a must.
It’s not a dead-on-arrival movie per se. Decent acting, decent digicam cinematography, decent special effects. But there is nothing new in storyline, nothing new in story presentation, nothing new in the camera glitches routine, nothing new in its scare formula. Paranormal Activity franchise’s eyebrow-raising success (and by jove, this movie is WAY better) might be an intriguing anomaly, but other filmmakers should just stop emulating it and try to hit the same jackpot one more time. They really have to start something fresh in this genre.

My Rating: 4/10


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