2014 Oscar Foreign Language Films: Renoir

renoirAndrée, or Dédée, is the new nude model for master painter Renoir, while the wheelchair and arthritis stricken old patron‘s youngest emotional son Claude, or Coco, creeps around their expansive Cote d’Azur seaside villa with nothing much to do, except mope around and act miserable. Then Renoir’s second son Jeanot–Jean–returned from the ongoing war, recovering his wounded leg, and predictably falls almost at once into the charm of the young eccentric beauty. But is it going to be a love story? And if it’s love, then how long will it lasts? Because, also quite predictably, Jean is going back to the front. We know Jean will survive, because a few decades later he will become the Jean Renoir, master filmmaker. But what about Dédée?

My Rating: 6/10

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