2014 Oscar Foreign Language Films: The Good Road

thegoodroad2013 National Film Awards, India – Winner Best Gujarati Film.

A cargo truck with its driver and his trash-mouthed assistant are on their way across the Kutch desert; the driver, leaving his ill niece back home. On the same road, a family of three: husband, wife, and their only son, all in collective bad mood, traveling on their jeep for a vacation. On the side of the road, a little girl from Mumbai stranded on an all-girl camp. What kind of camp? You’ll learn about it later. The jeep made a quick stop at a small shop on the middle of the road, and the boy is accidentally left behind. So now the boy has to hitchhike on the cargo truck. They all have one same destination: Athangasa. And by the way, Athangasa is a fictional place, indicating that The Good Road also could be taken as a symbolic journey or a parable if you will.
A quite interesting, although simplistic, interconnecting three-tiered story, good cinematography–might remind you of early Kiarostami movies, but on the downside you also have to tolerate its amateurish actors’ bad acting quality.

My Rating: 6/10

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