2014 Oscar Foreign Language Films: Poziţia Copilului (Child’s Pose)

pozitia2013 Berlin International Film Festival – Winners, Golden Berlin Bear, FIPRESCI Prize.

Cornelia has a lot to complain about her life. She’s quite rich, or at least appears to be, but her domestic life is a mess. And now she has one more trouble: her grown-up problematic only son Barbu–who has a very strained relationship with his mom, killed a boy on a traffic accident. So Mom comes to the police station, bluffing her way in, pulling some strings, ready to bend some or few laws to rescue her baby. Then she try to bribe the witness to change the testimony, and then she try to get her son’s spouse Carmen–who’s also in a strained relationship with her–to help her win sympathy from the victim’s family and coax Barbu to comply with the plan. Her plan.
If you’re hoping for a big sweeping tear-jerker drama, no, you won’t have it. But Child’s Pose is a rare attempt to portray a mother-child relationship in its most dire moment. A time when they lose all ties and unable to find a better reason to reconnect with one other, other than the fact that they’re a mother and her child that suppose to have some kind of a good relationship with each other.

My Rating: 7/10

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