Sunlight Jr.

Sunlight_JrUS release date: November 15

What is Sunlight Jr.? It’s a small and severely understaffed convenience store where Melissa earns her living. Her Eminem wannabe part-time drug dealer and full-time landlord ex boyfriend Justin keeps bugging her almost on daily basis, and the fact that her store manager is a dick really doesn’t help the situation much.
She lives in a cheap motel with her current boyfriend, a disabled ex-construction worker named Richie, and in current American economic situation it is just impossible for him to get a decent, or any, job. Melissa almost always late for her shift, and the next thing she knew she is also late on her period. Will there be a future, any future, for them and their unborn baby?
Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon are probably too old for their roles, but on the other hand with this type of drama, bare simple story and all acting, they surely can deliver a bit more edge than plenty of younger actors. Without them, and J. Mascis’ beautiful music illustration, this movie will surely crumble apart.

My Rating: 6/10


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