A Letter to Momo

??????????????2012 Asia-Pacific Screen Awards – Winner Best Animated Feature Film.

Momo and her mom are moving back to her grandparents’ big traditional house at Shio Island. Everyone seems to be happy about it, except Momo. In her pocket, a page of very unfinished letter from her recently deceased Dad. And three mysterious droplets of water fell from the sky then followed her there. The droplets creep into a beautiful box in the attic (The attic is properly named ‘The Sky’) that contains an old illustrated book about classic monsters, and since that day Momo can hear strange voices, and see some mysterious shapes, three shadows, moving around the house, following her. The next day, they aren’t just shapes and shadows anymore. Now Momo can see them clearly. Three cowardly, lazy, daft, annoying, stealing, anything-but-fish eating, ghouls. Yōkai. And they aren’t the only supernatural thing going on the beautiful island. But, are they real true Yōkai? Weren’t they just some droplets of water before?
…Momo is Akira, Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell, and Paprika‘s animator Hiroyuki Okiura’s first effort in drama screenwriting, and it really shows. The animation is exquisitely beautiful as usual, but the story does feel too Miyazaki-ish at times and drags a bit after a while with so few plot elements that would’ve been easily and swiftly resolved just keep on going and going.

My Rating: 6/10


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