everydayUS release date: November 22

Michael Winterbottom goes reality show style, starring the Kirk children, four of them, as the movie protagonists Karen and Ian’s children. Multiple cameras, multiple cameramen, very probably inspired by Jon & Kate Plus 8 and such, except this time the Dad is in jail. As the result, there are not much in the story on the first half of the movie other than their daily routines, and daily quarrels. Jail for the Dad, breakfast, commuting, job for the Mom, school and playtime for the kids, lunch, dinner, bedtime, culminating in periodic short and awkward prison visiting hours. The second half? Some temporary prison-leave, more mealtimes, more commuting, more quarrels, school fight, Mom and Dad fight, and Christmas shopping.  It’s not exactly boring, but “reality show”–especially since this is obviously a fake one, can be quite uninteresting and also very repetitive. Should we just watch this fictional family passing through their one and a half hour celluloid life?

My Rating: 4/10


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