Caught in the Web

caught-in-the-web2013 Golden Rooster Awards – Winner Best Supporting Actress.

US release date: November 27

Miss Ye Lanqiu, Director Shen’s pretty and weight conscious secretary on Situo, Shen’s highbrow company, is diagnosed with lymphoma. Distraught, she made a scene on a public bus, mocking an elderly in need of a seat, while a young trainee reporter captured the whole incident on her videophone. Yang Jiaqi, the young reporter gave the recording to her ambitious senior reporter and her unemployed cousin’s girlfriend, Chen Ruoxi. At Situo, Shen’s wife caught Ye crying on the boss’s shoulder, and later that night her footage is aired on national TV. In a matter of hours, it goes viral. She becomes an instant public enemy, “Sunglasses Girl”, “Boss’s mistress”, the news station makes a lot of money, while Director Shen receives a lot of hot air, at home and at the office.
The movie started as an interesting multimedia gossip era social satire, but gets weird when Ye suddenly insisting to hire Yang Shoucheng, Yang Jiaqi’s cousin and Chen Ruoxi’s boyfriend, a complete stranger she met only once in a follow-up apology interview and seen only once before when Shoucheng fought some cellphone pickpockets outside Situo office building, as a secret accomplice on her equally quite weird plan to borrow one million yuan of Director Shen’s money and disappear, buy a Mini Cooper, go bungee jumping, and hire a housemaid. It gets even more weirder when Director Shen decide to ride along, creating his own fabricated news to counter the situation. And now everybody’s life is all quite equally ruined. If only Chen Kaige can tune down a bit this everybody-knows-everybody-and-everybody-ends-up-paying-the-price rule of the story, the movie could be more intriguing, and therefore more memorable, instead of just being a concoction of quite improbable what-if scenarios.

My Rating: 5/10


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