Twice Born

twice-bornUS release date: December 6

In 1984 Gemma went on a short poetry research to Yugoslavia and met Gojko, an eccentric Bosnian guide/poet, and quickly fallen in love with Diego, an American photographer/vagabond. But she didn’t marry Diego. Back to Rome she later married, and then quickly divorced, an architect. And later reunited again, and finally lived together with the–little bit annoying Jack Black clone–photographer, got pregnant, had a miscarriage. Gemma was pronounced sterile. They applied for adoption but got rejected. Finally they decided to move (in a sense, moved back) to Sarajevo. And by the way, this was the early 90’s, right in the brink of the independence war, also in the height of Nirvana’s stardom. And they also found a willing surrogate mother.
Weirdest love story is always the best? Well, this one turned out quite long and complicated, complete with a big plot twist, but not really that weird after all.

My Rating: 5/10


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