swerveUS release date: December 6

A man named Colin and a woman are involved in a road accident with a drug dealer in the middle of Australian desert. In the dealer’s car wreck he found a suitcase full of money. He report the car crash and give the suitcase to a nearby town’s police station. And the woman is turned out to be none other than the town policeman’s wife, Jina. Colin’s car needs some minor repair at the local garage–later also turned out to be where Jina works (it’s a small town after all, with all other people and other police officers seem to be lounging at the bar or in the middle of some daily marching band parade), so the policeman, Frank, invited Colin to spend the night at their house. And the moment Frank left the house, out of nowhere, and of course to show the audience some skin, Jina begins to seduce Colin. While a mysterious man, claiming to be an insurance officer looming around searching for the drug money, and murdering practically almost everyone on his path.
As the title suggests, this movie does feature some car-swerving, and some murders, and some failed murders. But one question remains: why does Colin have to go through all the troubles? If he doesn’t want the money he should just drive away from that wretched town. For Jina? A woman he just met one day before? Is he really that stupid?

My Rating: 4/10


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