Trap for Cinderella

trap forUS release date: December 13

A remake of 1965’s Piège pour Cendrillon, the film opens with a mysterious explosion, and the victim, Michelle “Micky”, undergoes a reconstructive cosmetic surgery, and waking up not remembering much about her earlier life except flashes of incoherent images and fragments of memories. She’s being told that she will inherit her rich late Aunt Elinor’s fortune on her next birthday. She can’t resist the urge to reconnect with Jake, a guy she believe is, or at least was, her boyfriend. With additional information from Jake, Micky retraces her best friend, later explained as her childhood friend, Domenica “Do”, believed to be dead at the explosion. At her old apartment, Micky finally reads Do’s diary and the movie suddenly jump to what appears to be a flashback from Micky’s and Do’s point of view, as if the filmmaker just opt to do the easiest way to tell the story, while also swiftly unravel the mystery to the audience. Maybe, paradoxically, the movie would be much more interesting if Iain Softley didn’t put too much focus on the so-so (and not very logical) plot twists, present the storyline linearly, and just explore the much more intriguing strange and slowly growing bizarre relationship between Micky and Do.

My Rating: 4/10


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