hoursUS release date: December 13

During Hurricane Katrina, Nolan Hayes is stranded on a local hospital where his wife died on a premature labor. His small baby daughter’s in incubator with ventilator and IV line. Grieving, and killing time, he strays into an empty corridor where he find his wife’s body. Later that night the authorities are evacuating the hospital, so now it’s just Hayes, his baby, vending machine snacks, sodas, and the flood. The electricity finally goes out and incubator’s defective battery only stands for about another three hours. And the IV is also running out. While Nolan waits and practically running a self-service NICU, the movie also kills time by straying into a series of unnecessary news clips, nostalgic monologues, and romantic flashbacks, and later even an imaginary dialogue scene, that quite severely reducing the story’s tension and diluting the sense of impending peril. Also, wouldn’t it be more useful if he just go–make a quick swim if he has to–to any nearby building, looking for actual help? This is downtown New Orleans, so it couldn’t be that far, right? Or at least try to recharge his dead cellphone with the hand-crank portable generator?
Goodbye, Paul. Rest in peace.

My Rating: 4/10


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