The Past

past2013 Cannes Film Festival – Winners, Best Actress, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury.
2013 Durban International Film Festival – Winner Best Screenplay.
2013 Oslo Films from the South Festival – Winner Audience Award.

US release date: December 20

Separated by a thick glass in the airport terminal, talk to each other without actually hearing one another. They ride a car, a rented car, later illegally parked and almost get fined.  Ahmad and Marie, soon to be legally separated by law ex husband and wife, separated by everything. Choices. Nationalities. Fate.
In France with her two daughters, Marie is currently living together, and going to marry Samir, a young technically-not-yet-widower with a son. But her eldest daughter Lucie is all against it. Marie has her reasons, Lucie has her reasons, and they’re both probably right. Heck, even Samir has his own right reasons. And what could Ahmad do? A soon to be legal ex husband. Soon to be legal ex stepfather. He could even unintentionally make things worse in the middle of these layers of trouble. It’s a crowd in their old, beaten-up, in the middle of unfinished repainting, house.

My Rating: 8/10


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