All the Light in the Sky

All-the-Light-in-the-Sky2013 Nashville Film Festival – Winner Best Actress in a Narrative Feature.

US release date: December 20

The main character, Marie, a 40-something underemployed actress, wakes up one morning in her small cozy one bedroom Malibu beach house, shuts down an audiobook on her laptop, strips her clothes, changes to wetsuit,and goes downstairs straight to the sea, back from the sea, takes a shower and then talking to her agent on the phone. She meets some friend, talks with other friend, listens to her phone message, and then goes to bed in the night, turning on the same audiobook. Next morning, her aspiring-actress niece Faye is coming over to spend the weekend with her, they have some breakfast, she meets some geologist, and then Marie goes to bed in the night–again with the very same psychoanalysis audiobook, while on the living room Faye is showing her boobs to her boyfriend on video chat. The third morning, Marie and Sarah both strip their clothes, change to wetsuit and go downstairs to the sea. Then the movie follows day after day of Marie’s, and Faye’s, aimless and confusing love lives, and Marie’s continuous geology discussions.
It’s a realistic strong female-centric small mumblecore drama that wants to be as natural and authentic as possible. But showing Marie, and Faye, repeatedly putting on and off their clothes can also be a bit unnecessary. And by the way, if you notice–if you care at all–there’s a Ti West cameo in this movie.

My Rating: 6/10


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