WHO WILL WIN?: 2014 Oscar Best Picture

12 Years a Slave

Chiwetel Ejiofor deserves Oscar nomination, but the movie itself could be really astounding in the hands of better director and screenwriter.
My Rating: 6/10

American Hustle

Bad hairdos, terrible hairdos, cleavages, and J-Law should really stop playing much older characters.
My Rating: 6/10

Captain Phillips

The movie has a good and rare quality in humanizing the pirates.
My Rating: 7/10

Dallas Buyers Club

How to fight AIDS on the black market.
My Rating: 6/10


Oscar’s Best Visual Effects Award is practically in Cuaron’s hand right now!
My Rating: 8/10


Dating a female O.S. is just as super complicated as the real ones, right dude?
My Rating: 8/10


A man’s funny and heartbreaking road trip with his old ex-alcoholic, senile, grumpy Dad.
My Rating: 7/10


Catholic nuns and their dirty laundry. They don’t tell you anything about this in ‘The Sound of Music.’
My Rating: 7/10

The Wolf of Wall Street

Crazy sick motherf*cking stockbrokers.
My Rating: 8/10

Who I think should win: Gravity is a technical breakthrough, Her is a thematic breakthrough, so I would really like to see one of those two up there. But Star Wars was a technical breakthrough and didn’t win Best Picture. Pulp Fiction was a thematic breakthrough, also didn’t win Best Picture. So, yeah, most probably not going to happen.

Who will win: Academy love their 6/10 and 7/10 movies very much these days, and they don’t like 8/10. They won’t pick The Wolf of Wall Street. So, if they’re going to favor mediocrity–again–this year, I hope they’ll at least pick 12 Years a Slave.

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